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The Times are Always Changing - So What! Get over it!
The Times are Always Changing - So What! Get over it!

We are always changing stuff. It is what we as people do. We change our clothes, buy new appliences, paint a wall, break up, fall in love. We change things a hundered times everyday.

It is at the very core of what makes people - people. 

So if this is true (let's say it is) it is also equally true that change trust upon us is frightening. We expect somethings to stay the same, even when we know they won't. We think we will live for ever, that our parents will always be together (maybe), that the earth is solid, that water is wet, and the the sun will rise tomorrow.  

We are on a slide of change that is getting steeper & steeper, faster & faster (that is what we are being told and perhaps it is right) but the other side of people nature is also happening. We are resisting change to keep at least a percentage of our world solid, reliable - the same and this ristence is also growing.

The outcome is fairly obviose. If some people are running ahead and others are being dragged forward with there legs ponding in reverse then people are getting further apart. Interesting at a time when many of the things that use to seperated us are falling away and the very thing that is pushing us together is also the catalyste to pulling us a part.

We have seen this here in Australia with the move to online sales and a decline in sales through traditional bricks and mortar  stores. The media has written many column centemeters about this in the lead up to christmas and I agree the changes are starting to be measurable. However we are a very long way away from massive retail closures and people only buying via the internet. 

Retail Change is here, has been for a long time but the numbers are getting bigger. 

Consumers have been looking to technology and the internet to find, select and purchase products and services both locally and internationally for a number of years. It has however been many the ones running down the slide rather the the ones in the massive ball in the middle, the early adopters whom have made the major shopping changes. What we are seeing now is the start of main stream change those that have not run but those that have not resisted either. They are now commiting a percentage of their purchasing dollars to buying online because it makes sense to them, they have learnt the advantages and no longer fear the outcomes. 

It is time that traditional retailers use their clear advantage to create businesses that offer the best of both traditional and new retailing.

It starts with learning but it succeeds through communicating.

Posted on Friday, 6 January 2012 (Archive on Friday, 13 January 2012)
Posted by host  Contributed by host

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